Two locations in Ziliujing District listed as Sichuan Culture Relic Protection Sites

By Mi Xingang
Print E-mail, March 7, 2019

Two historical locations in Ziliujing District, Zigong City, namely, the Former Residence of Lu Deming and Han Courtyard, were recently listed among the ninth batch of the Sichuan Provincial-level Culture Relic Protection Sites.

Former Residence of Lu Deming [Photo/]

With a building area of 674 square meters, the Former Residence of Lu Deming (1905-1927), commander in chief of the Autumn Harvest Uprising in 1927, was initially built in the Qing Dynasty (1616-1912) and Lu was born there. It is now a patriotism education site for the general public to learn more about Lu and pay reverence to him.

Han Courtyard [Photo/]

Built in 1946 by a famous salt trader Hou Ceming (1886-1977), the Han Courtyard, also named Residence of Hou, has a building area of 1,400 square meters. Salt traders’ villas of this kind are now rarely seen in Zigong, so this one has great value for research of salt history and culture.    

There are now a total of seven Sichuan provincial-level cultural relic protection sites in Ziliujing District, Zigong City.

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