Law and social administration centers set up at Zigong High-tech Zone

A public law service center and the Bancang Industrial Park Social Administrative Service Center were set up and unveiled at the Zigong High-tech Zone in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, on March 29.

Private economy booms in Da'an District, Zigong City

The added value of the private economy in Da'an District, Zigong City, hit 13.71 billion yuan in 2018, according to a conference held in the district on March 29.

GDP of Da'an district in Zigong City hits 22.65b yuan in 2018

The GDP of Da'an district in Zigong City, totaled 22.65 billion yuan in 2018, up by 7.9 percent year on year, according to official figures released on March 26.

Zigong attracts high-quality health care projects

Zigong city in Sichuan Province has attracted four high-quality health care projects since 2018, with a total investment of 1.7 billion yuan.

Zigong Aviation Industrial Park attracts investment projects

A total of nine projects were signed during the 2019 Zigong Aviation Industrial Park Investment Attraction Conference in Chengdu City, capital of Sichuan Province, on February 25.

Rong County in Zigong issues first e-commerce business license

The first e-commerce business license was issued to an e-commerce entrepreneur in Rong County, Zigong City, on January 18.

Private enterprises blossom in Gongjing District, Zigong City

There are now 1,446 private enterprises in Gongjing District, Zigong City, accounting for 95 percent of the district's total number, according to a conference themed with sound development of private economy in the district on January 3.

Czech airlines seek partners for Sichuan airline zone

ADB offers 100 mln loan to support China's emission reduction projects

Fengming Airport in Sichuan to open first four flights

The Fengming Airport in Zigong City, Sichuan Province has got the greenlight to open four routes for general aviation.

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